Saturday, January 10, 2015

Re-visiting East 3rd ring road 東三環, Beijing

This road has meant so much to me.  Stayed in a hotel at the far south of this 3rd ring and passed by this road so many times.  It wasn't that busy and very few tall buildings were around.  It wasn't that smoggy either.  That's the cost of economy growth.  I somehow enjoyed seeing some old things still staying here - like that fruit stall trolley.  It was minus 2 and they were still making their living.


Nux V said...

the 2nd & 3rd pictures looks like some deserted mall complex with no one around. But then the streets are full of cars and the lights astonishing!

in the sea said...

It's because those are the office building complex, and there aren't many shops inside. Only some fast food chain shops.