Monday, January 31, 2011

Diabetic warning - Lei Bistro, Causeway Bay HK

If you prefer all the food to be sweeter than normal, this is the one.
1. Black fungas in black vinegar HK$48. Black vinegar (sweet) with sesame sauce - don't know why they could invent this sauce.
3. rice in lotus leaf HK$68. Much too oily and of course sweet and no lotus leaf aroma. Interesting not much other ingredients. Only rice and sweet soy sauce, and 2 baby shrimps and bamboo shoot.
4. This pan fried buns (HK$48) have sweet veggie pork filling. The brown surface is only some color, not aromatic at all. I really don't like cooking in abused use of non-sticky pan.
5. Preserved "snow" veggie 雪菜 and sliced pork on noodle soup, HK$35. First time I ate "sweet" preserved snow veggie. They soaked the veggie til it's not salty and then marinated with quite much sugar. Supposed this veggie should be a bit salty and best with some fresh chili to go with it. This one is red bell pepper. Fusion?
6/7. steamed date cake/sticky rice in ginger soup. Of course, double sweet.
*Lei Garden set up this outlet with a name as Bistro. Apparently this is a step to please certain group of people.

Care for a sing to sleep

HK harbour at sunset

Waiting and waiting for the sky to change, the haze come and go. Within 2 hours, I can see there have been many changes In the Sky and In the Sea.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Paris subway

This year somehow I missed going to Cannes and Paris. If ever time could be turned back, wish that 2011 and 2010 could have been reversed. Every time when I pressed on the flash of my camera, I thought about travelling faster than that light speed - breaking into a rewind of time. It sounds a bit complicated but if I raise a simple example. When you see someone waves his hand on the other side of the street, the visual image travels to your eyes in a very fast speed and it's at the light speed (168,000 miles@second). So if you can run faster than light speed, that means by the time that person waves his hand, you reach that person. However, it wouldn't be possible in the current physics theory.

Anyway, the above is often my day dream, especially when I am waiting for the traffic green light to cross the street. I started missing Cannes, Nice and Paris. Below photos were taken on a subway ride. The Paris subway isn't my favourite but I miss it too.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Eighteen Brooks 十八溪 Cantonese restaurant, Wanchai HK

Restaurants are sometimes like roller coasters or stock markets. This one used to be pretty good and I often brought my Asian business friends for dim sum lunches, especially on some trade fairs and conventions held in HK, as the restaurant is on the 8/F. of Renaissance Harbour View (was New World Harbour View) on the east wing of the HK Convention Center on Wanchai harbour front. At my recent visit, everything dropped. Hope it was just a sudden drop.

QC at home

Couldn't find a perfect peanut for shooting. :) Cleaned this crystal plane several times but the propeller still not too clean. Neck, shoulder, back, arms, eyes are pretty sore, but happily sore. :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shanghai Lu Yan Chun 上海綠楊邨, Causeway Bay HK

This restaurant has been in the World trade center in Causeway Bay ever since it was built, but now moved to 11/F. (was 4 or 5/F). It used to be in those old Shanghai style. At my recent visit, it has changed, not just on the deco., but also the food. One word - trendy. It depends on what you want.
1/2. the table and the restaurant. Pretty nice deco. and I noticed quite many tourists are around.
3. Shanghai veggie with salty pork and dried bean curd sheet, HK$78. The dried bean curd sheet is very nice, with strong "bean" aroma. The veggie was prepared well, very sweet. However, the sauce is a bit too thick. If the sauce isn't like that, I would highly recommend this one.
4. Smoked fish, HK$68. Pretty good deep frying and the sauce is light but a bit too light to me in considering it to be a Shanghai dish. However, it's good to me since I prefer lighter taste.
5. Wonton chicken soup casserole, HK$128. The soup base is nice but the chicken is not a nice one. Wonton a bit too soft.
6. Spare ribs in sticky rice in lotus leaf, HK$28@rib (minimum order for 2 ribs, i.e. HK$56). Interesting extra light in taste but ok to me if they use some fresh ribs. This is an embarrassing price to complain about the use of frozen ribs. If they charge HK$48@rib, I would complain. If they charge HK$18, I wouldn't. Half & half.

Le Vendome, Suk 31 BKK

Thanks TC for the never ending eating places in Bangkok. Passed by Le Vendome in Paris several times and glad to find one nice French restaurant in Bangkok. This place offers an amazing lunch menu - amazing low priced (THB380) and amazing nice food quality. In considering this price, we should concentrate on the food and also enjoy chatting with your friends. Don't come here alone since your eyes will be free to see some other things. If inevitable, please bring a book for reading or simply play with your hand-held device. Your attention should only be at the table and the food when they are served. Bon Appetite. *below photo no. 1 (Le Vendome) was taken in January, 2005 with my old time first Panasonic compact camera LC-33 and it's also the last one without anti-hand shake. Kind of missing it.