Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hotel Inter-Continental Bangkok

Look at the reflection of the thick cloud on this Hotel Inter-continental on Chitlom.

Tien Mun Square

The landmark of Beijing and China.

St. Steven Beach, Stanley, Hong Kong

This is the beach I used to go in mid 80's. It hasn't changed much.

Repulse Bay, Hong Kong

I still remember how Repulse Bay looked like. At least the beach line is not that thick, and there weren't such high rise buildings on the behind.

Kai Tak Airport, Hong Kong

Ok, took a quick shot from above. Kai Tak Airport has been a very good old friend with me, letting me go to various places. Besides it is right in the town - so convenient.

Jimmy, the Knight

Taking Jimmy to Lai Po Heen, the Chinese restaurant in Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur. So got him a sword and there he went to become a knight or Jedi!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hotel Maya just opposite to the Twin Towers - the Landmark of Kuala Lumpur, is a nice and cozy hotel. It has become one of my preferred choices whenever I stay in KL.

Hotel Iyara, Koh Samui

Spent 3 nights in this nice hotel. I took a sea view room which is on the 2nd right of the middle floor. However, the hotel is a bit more for the western people. I was queried by the hotel pool attendant if I was a hotel guest while I was swimming in the pool. I simply told them "if I am not, then your hotel has a real serious security problem.". Check your front desk first before bothering your hotel guests with such a stupid question. Anyway, I don't blame them much after all because I look like a Thai.

UFO cloud, Palm Springs

On my last trip in Palm Springs in February, 2006, I took a photo of this interesting cloud. In fact, I saw an UFO in September, 1994. At 10pm something I looked up in the sky as usual watching the stars. There it suddenly came. A jelly-fish like machine transparent with some electro light running gently, showed up. I couldn't tell the distance. It might look so big but staying up high. It was like a flying kite size. In just half a second, it ascended vertically and disappeared. Just a night before that sighting, my friend told me "someday we will miss the calmness of today if we look back someday.". Yes, I do miss that now....

Jimmy arrived at Hong Kong in May 2006

Jimmy, a baby bear sent from a school kid in New Jersey, a niece of my friend in L.A. The kid was on a school project named Geobear (Geography Bear), and was asked to send the bear to a friend in another city. Wherever the bear reaches, the recipient will send a note back to the kid's class reporting "hey I am in Hong Kong, Bangkok...etc.". I was asked to name the bear. The first time I saw it, I just came up with Jimmy. That's how Jimmy has been with me to all different places, travelling more than 10 thousand miles to mainly Europe and Asia. Behind Jimmy, it is called Champion, given by my nephew Jason. Jason was so thoughtful: "uncle, you are by yourself in this apt., I hope Champion can be your mate so that you would no longer be lonely.". Thank you Jason! I wouldn't feel lonely anyway because if I step back and look up in the sky, there are lots of undiscovered things and star people, how would I feel lonely? Thank our Creator for making such a colorful Universe.

Central, Hong Kong

It was a hot summer day in July 2006. Right after I bought a Panasonic FZ-7, I took this photo on my bus ride to the office on the Eastern corridor expressway on Hong Kong Island. That's how I started taking on photography.

Coral Island, off Phuket Thailand

If I have another week of time, I wish I could go back to this Coral Island. Spending time of watching the sea and following where the dogs lead me to. Swimming around with fishes.... in the sea, in the sky and in the sun....

Coral Island at sunset, off Phuket Thailand

Went to this Coral Island in July 2004. It was so peaceful and I really like the hotel room - no tv, no telephone. Spent 3 nights there. For the first night, I felt a bit not adjusted. For the second night, I felt so intrinsically calm. The night had never been so bright to me. Yes, even no light around, I could see the beach so clear and the star above. Then the third night, I even didn't feel like sleeping because I knew I was leaving for the real world I need to go back to. An end is another beginning.....

Monday, April 28, 2008

Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui

After I went to Chaweng Beach, I can tell myself not to judge on something from our eyes. We need to feel it by ourselves. The sand is not sand actually. It's kind of muddy and feels a bit unpleasant when you step into it.

Burasari Hotel, Phuket

Been to Phuket for the third time in July 2005, 7 months after the Tsunami. Got told of so many ghost stories. I still don't understand why people are so afraid of ghosts. Besides, the natural disasters were applied for religion related and even used as a weapon to attack the other religions. People die in one way or the other. Don't the people know the Earth is moving and we are living on a moving object. If a god or creator of any religion sees it, it must be really hurt. Please help to stop hurting our creator of this World.

BTS Bangkok

When the BTS was first opened, it was like an empty tram. Nowadays it was often full and passengers are packed up like sardines. Furthermore, the fare is relatively high in terms of the Bangkok cost of living. If you travel in group of 3-4, I suggest you take a cab if you don't mind the traffic.

Big Guan Im, Koh Samui

Took on a motorbike on a round island tour. Stop where we wanna take a look. This big Guan Im (a goddess for hearing the suffering and protecting people from natural disaster; Guan means watch and Im means voice).

Idyllwild, Caflifornia - never thought it is in Southern California

Idyllwild, Caflifornia - never thought it is in Southern California. Within an hour you can go back to either Palm Desert or Riverside County. If you like being secluded, this is the place for you.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

on I-10 freeway to Palm Springs

A trip back to Palm Springs in 2006. Interstate freeway 10 is like an old friend of mine on the section from Los Angeles to Palm Springs. The windmills told that it will be another 20 minutes to reach Palm Springs and turn into highway 111 to Palm Canyon Drive.