Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Entertainer, the mean Master

Now that a pet can be raised as a tool for making money...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bath room, Plantation Pool Villa, Pavilions Phuket

Finally I had time to use Lightroom3 to fix the photos taken in the bath room of Plantation Villa. FYI, I would have only 3-5 minutes to take photos of the hotel room and so I can't go for too much details, nor I would have use an external flash to have a better lighting. As you can see, the bath room is all black and with some red. Besides, the light bulbs are not enough, nor the sunlight is good enough. So I had to reduce the contrast and have the recovery by 60% and fill more light and also use the lens correction to correct the distortion.

Four Points by Sheraton, soi 15 Sukhumvit, BKK

This hotel has just been opened in December, 2010 and right now offering an introductory rate at THB1,999++ (room only - an extra THB500 incl. ABF). After trying several new hotels, my advice is "don't try new hotels when they are just opened since some construction work may still be yet to be completed and it's still a bit dusty. In general, the room is pretty good and the furniture and material used are of some good quality. However, the shower needs to be improved on the ground leveling as the water runs to the other side towards the door that floods the bath room.
1-4: the room. It's pretty spacious and the sound proof is good that those noise from busy motorbikes wouldn't be noticed.
5: the hotel entrance and it's just in between S15 and Dream Hotel on soi 15. Remarks, this hotel is humble to rate itself as 4 star, unlike the 2 hotels on its both sides who claim to be 5 stars. Finally I found out I really don't feel all right when walking in soi 15 Sukhumvit, not because of my last "bright light" experience in S15. It's simply my instinct uneasy feeling in walking on that soi. However, the hotel room I stayed even is just next to S15. It's very ok. Just that soi seems to be with some pressure from above and around.
6. the cafe.
7-9 the lobby area.
10. the swimming pool on the roof top.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

3 bedroom pool villa, Pavilions Phuket

Getting to the front desk for browsing the other room types is always like a must for me. This one is another I hope I can bring my family members for a try. I didn't take photos of the inside but the design is quite similar to Ocean View Pool Villa. However, they have a requirement for kids above 16 years old. You would see why on the below.
1. Look on the outside.
2. On the 2nd floor are the 2 bed rooms. Ground floor is a big living room and dining room.
3/4. The pool is very big.
5. View to East of Phuket and all the 3 bedroom villas are built surrounding the hill top, about 9-10 villas of this type.
6. Master bed room on the right. Should have taken a photo on how the pavilion standing on the cliff edge. Very stunning view!

Night view, Ocean View Pool Villa, Pavilions Phukets

1-3. Night view around the pool.
4. The villa has quite many small friends. Small earthworm. This tiny friend would only come out at night time. It's about 1cm in length. See how sleepy this one is. It just came out from the pond and climbed over to the edge.
5/6. the bed room. The color of the room is quite MO's color - quite light grey pastel. It doesn't relate to my changing to this room because of this MO color. :)
7. the bath room.
8-10. the living room.
11. bed room again but to the other side.
12. view to the living room from the cabana.

Ocean View Pool Villa, part 2, Pavillions Phuket

1. The cabana by the pool.
2. Room to the pool.
3. The bath tub.
4. The shower.
5. The bathroom.
6. The cloakroom.
7. The corridor linking the bed room to the living room.
8. The living room.
9. the kitchen.
10. From the living room to the sun deck patio and pool.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

360 degree, Bar and Grill, Pavilions Phuket

360 degree is on the top of this resort, where you can view from Nai Thorn beach area to the east of Phuket. Actually it should be 270 degree geographically. The 90 degree should be the kitchen section. Anyway, the place serves some very nice drinks and grill that I tried it twice already.
1-4: the place is quite relaxing.
5-6: We had 2 drinks and which is quite unusual for me. Non-alcohol drink is about THB150 to 200 and THB270-350 for alcohol. I got the ginger pineapple brunch and the next one is peach passion fruit mix. Mango juice is nice too.
7. Some tapas to start with. Calamari, THB160. Blue crab spring roll, THB160. Both are very nice. Good deep frying and very light too. The squid is very fresh and so the same for the spring roll. What's more, they put some light curry in the spring roll's filling. No need to dip the sauce. So good.
8. Bread basket. Pretty good too.
9. Grilled pork chop, THB400. It's a very thick cut with a big bone. I like pork chop with big bone as the fat brings more aromatic to the meat and yet it wouldn't be hard to chew. It's a very nice cut and the grilling is controlled well. Not too burnt and not too dry.
10. Grilled mixed seafood, THB880. One Phuket lobster, Two Tiger prawn (actually it's very big), squids, a big fish filet. I think the portion is good for 2 persons. We couldn't finish it all.
11. Wedged potatoes to go with the seafood mix grill. Pretty nice but too bad couldn't finish it all.
12. OK, this is on another meal. Fish Broquets (not sure about the exact spelling), THB160. Very nice balance of the fish meat and mashed potato. Quite a big portion.
13. Mini burgers, THB160. It's not mini actually. It's 1/3rd to a half portion of a standard burger. It's also very nice.
14. Fish tacos, THB160. I would think this is a burrito rather than a taco. Anyway, it's very good. The avacado onion dressing is very nice it in. Then we encored the pork chop.
15 Ceasar salad (a complimentary side dish). It's a bit heavy in sauce though not bad.
16. Green salad. So full that I couldn't try it.