Thursday, September 30, 2010

Motion/Cloud, the Italian/western cafe, Alila Cha Am

Cloud is the open area section, Motion is inside air-con. section, offers Italian and int'l cuisine. In general, dishes are very reasonably priced and western food is better than Thai.

1. Table setting. 2. Beef strip sandwich, THB250. Tender beef filet and lots of veggie. Coleslaw is good too, and the potato wedges.
3/4. at night time.

5. Iced coffee THB120. Too bad it' s mixed with syrup and milk. 6. Grassini is good! 7. The waitress recommended to try their house-blended curry powder to go with the grassini. Very aromatic and not hot at all.
8. This is also good to go with the grassini - black/white sesame in olive oil. 9. Guava delight THB120. 10. Iced mocha THB120. Both are good. Not too sweet.

11. Warm soft bread with light touch of cinnamon. Good! 12. Mushroom soup. THB220. I like this one as it's not very thick but aromatic with fresh flour/butter into cream soup base.

13. Caesar salad with chicken breast THB220. Very nice to mix it on your own. 14. Smoked salmon spaghetti THB250. Pretty good, and not too heavy but juicy to seal it in the spaghetti.

15. dried shrimp and crushed peanut to go with pad thai. 16. Pad thai THB280. At average.

17. Orange juice for the breakfast. 18. coffee.

19. Breakfast is on a la carte. This one is soy milk with Chinese doughnut. 20. Fresh fruit plate.

21. toast for the American breakfast. 22. congee with pork. It's one of those instant congee mix.

23. American breakfast. 24. Kitchen burger for the lunch, THB290. Nice presentation and you can decide what sauce to go with.

25. Pad Si Er (stir fried flat noodle) with shrimp THB290. Pretty good. 26. Banana yoghurt shake THB150.

The Loft (lounge), Alila Cha Am

Alila is in a 2 storey compound stretching over 200 to 300 meter long. The main lobby and the lounge Loft is on the top level with the middle part covered in a big shallow water pond. Beneath it is a swimming pool, spa, restaurant, library...etc.

3. Complimentary high tea set is offered to every guest from 4-5pm daily. Lychee cooler with some Thai snack and an open faced sandwich, plus a coffee or tea. Very nice to have this high tea set with such a nice view at sunset.

The Lobby, Alila Cha Am

In entering Alila Cha Am, you would feel like you are walking into another world.

Video - pool villa, Alila Cha Am

The above are on the room before we moved.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pool Villa, Alila Cha Am

Alila Ubud, Uluwatu and Soori have gained various names for their respective outstanding design, especially in their use of water, and even gained some award from it. However, my personal preference to Thai resort drove me to try Alila Cha Am instead. Cha Am is located about 30 minute drive to Hua Hin, in between Hua Hin and Bangkok.

1. The Villa is about 390 sq. meter with a big living room, dinning room, working room, bed room, 2 bathroom, 2 toilet and a big pool. 2. This is the bath room of the living room.

3/4. The working room.

5/6. the dining room.
7/8. the bed room.

9. the toilet of the bed room. 10. the bath room

11. This rain shower is super big, and the hole next to it is a water flow to the bath tub.

13/14. Spacious bath room and quite interesting design.
15/16. See these are more than enough for the guests.
17. Things are put in a very simple but distinctive way. 18. See how good the lighting is.
19. The staff here are pretty well trained, including the front and PR managers. They came to greet the guests by themselves. As I expressed there is some natural smell, immediately I was offered for changing to another villa on the sea front (to be reported...). 20. dinning room at night time.

21/22. coffee and tea making facilities. There is even a coffee maker for freshly brewed coffee, with some tea leaves (not tea bags) to serve. To be continued....