Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nha Trang, Tai Koo Shing, HK

When the old Vietnamese restaurant closed down and the decoration partition had the name "Nha Trang" on it, I asked Nha Trang Wanchai if that's a genuine branch. I got a fond answer "yes". So much looking forward to this new branch. Unfortunately just only a month after it's open, some scandalous news broke out that a group of people got food poisoning and it was found out the shop put some food outside the back lane of the shop. The good part is that I can come here without waiting in line since the news broke out.
After the try, I will only come here again for the beef broth noodle and the Bun (dried noodle with sweet sour fish sauce). Those are still kept at Nha Trang's standard. The cucumber was sliced too thin that it lost the original aroma. The squid is a bit too overcooked. The fish cake is so so.

Monday, July 30, 2012

一風堂 Hakata Ippudo, Causeway Bay, HK

Its first shop landing Silvercord center (Canton Rd TST) has been the hot talk of town for the past 2 years. I have never been able to get a chance of passing by the crowd outside that shop. As I almost forgot it, its 2nd branch just opened opposite to Times Square in Causeway Bay. It was almost 6pm and I decided to have an early dinner. A right decision I made. 5 minutes later, there was a long queue. The soup broth is indeed with a lot of pork bone and meat making it very thick. It's actually good for a 2nd plain noodle to go with. The noodle texture is very nice. However, the side dishes are not impressive. The deep fried chicken was made in a wrong coating that it's not crispy at all. The dumpling is so so. In conclusion, I'll order the noodle only next time.

Eastern Hong Kong and Kowloon

1. highway between Shaukiwan and Chai Wan. 2. Lei Yue Mun and Devil peak on the top. 3. Diamond Hill. 4. Lohas Park (日出康城) and Tseung Kwan O industrial city (right). 5. Yau Tong. 6. Shaukiwan

Sunday, July 29, 2012

HK coastal defence museum (海防博物館), Ah Kun Arhm 亞公岩, HK

Photo 1: shows the HK street names changed to Japanese. Photo 2: a Japanese general squatting on the Sai Wan terrace (near Kornhill/Sai Wan Ho). Photo 3-5: some old memories. Photo 6/7: See that Rowntree's pastilles, Life Saver mint, Kit Kat. Please also check how good of our seniors had their calligraphy. Really makes me feel ashamed.

Old map of Quarry Bay and Causeway Bay HK

Went to the HK coastal defence museum and saw the old maps of some parts of HK. Photo 1: Alrich bay is Shaukiwan. Quarry Point was where the Tai Koo dock and now Tai Koo Shing. Photo 2: East Point was East Point road (leading to Excelsior hotel) and Morrison Hill was a hill.

Saturday, July 28, 2012