Monday, February 27, 2012

Cafe Boheme, Cannes, Southern France

Noticed this new comer in Cannes and gave it a try. Was impressed and a few days later I brought my colleagues to try it. I took their dinner set at around Euros 36+. I chose a half dozen of live oysters as appetizer. So fresh that it has some crunchy texture. So as to make it less guilty, I ordered a side order for a green salad. Then I took a veal escallop as main course. Very tender and a very nice rocket salad with light olive/lemon dressing. Check photo 6 grilled tuna. It's the best tuna steak I have ever tried! Note that there isn't any sauce on it, simply because it's so fresh. I took their house made ice cream. Very nice texture and not so sweet. Their creme brulee is very aromatic. I'll put this new restaurant in my future eating agenda in Cannes.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Antibes, a peaceful town in Southern France.

Along with Cannes and Nice in Cote d' Azur (coast of the blue), there are some beautiful peaceful towns. Antibes and Juan Les Pins are the two next to each other at around 10-15km east of Cannes. It takes about 10 minutes on train. Since it's in the winter time, the town has become quieter than it should be, but in a relaxing environment.

Au Riche-Lieu restaurant, Cannes, Southern France

This restaurant is one of the very few that I have seen them still surviving in business. It also reminded me of a very good old business friend. He brought me to this restaurant 15 years ago, as he knew that I like small run restaurants. I recall we shared some comments and one is still fresh to me as "don't look down on small and new restaurants, as we were also small and once young. Looking down them means looking down our past.". He was a very senior person and often told me not to stress out myself since he noticed on my hectic meeting schedules in Cannes. He saw his younger time from my shadow making him recall how he was way back in the 70's of Cannes. He sighed "I did make much money but now I use this money for medicine to live on. You have to grab your time to see things other than your job....". I used to buy him some ginseng products on those years of trips to Cannes. Unfortunately for some reason, he got serious sick 10 years ago and we lost contact....
This restaurant Au Riche-Lieu serves some very local dishes. During lunch time, they have a Euros 9.5 lunch set for a main course plus coffee. FYI, taking one main course in many restaurants in Cannes can cost at around Euros 12-20. Tried their steak (photo 1) and seafood pie (photo 2). Both are superb, especially in considering the price. This restaurant is a very solid professional cooking uncle to me after all these years.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jean Luc Pele cake shop, Cannes, Southern France

The shop was just opened on my latest annual French leave for Cannes. I was tempted to go in because of the strong aroma of its almond tart (photo 2). Out of curiosity, I tried their lemon raspberry tart (photo 1). Both are so much beyond my expectation. Nice texture and perfect sweetness. The lemon raspberry tart is very zesty and fruity but not that sour. Highly recommended!

Cinnamon roll, cake and drinking water buffet, Siam Paragon BKK

Wanna be a maniac for Cinnamon roll, cake and brownie, and wanna spare 90 minutes and THB150 for a buffet for all these 3 items. The shop was kind enough to remind drinking water is free.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lunch break at Domaine Lintillac, Rue St. Augustin, Paris

When my sister was about to have her Summer European trip and that they will have Paris as the last stop of the trip, I strongly urged them to come to this restaurant (near Opera House) in Paris. They spent some time on looking for the restaurant though I drew them a map for the location (as the streets in Paris are in diverse directions). They told that the shop was so nice to welcome them even it's close to 2pm for lunch. Also they got recommended to try their super bargain lunch set at about Euros20 something, covering an appetizer, main course, dessert, cafe and a glass of wine. All these can cost over Euros70-80 at this restaurant. I am so glad that they visited this one and really miss their duck dishes and foie gras on toast. Their pan fried potatoes with duck fat and sea salt is very nice! Their choco. mouse is awesome too.

Novotel Phloen Chit, BKK

This hotel is in a very convenient location right in front of the Phloen Chit BTS sky train station, within walking distance (10 to 15 minutes) to Central Chit Lom or to the other direction for Sukhumvit Nana area. The room rate is about US$60-80. Spacious and tidy room and with standard hotel facilities.