Monday, August 31, 2009

Aleenta part 3 - photos of the trip

Selected some photos which I think they are quite good in terms of capturing the characters' motion or expression.
1. Jason showed a cute smile when I asked him to look at me and I used a 200mm zoom on 400D.
2. another cute post of Jason. You would see how much he enjoyed playing in the water. The water is a bit cold but he often kept telling us "no it's not cold". I could see his body shaking though.
3. See how Nicole enjoyed playing and dancing in the water. The Panasonic FT1 is a very good camera, not even in the water.
4. It showed the tranquil of this 3 bedroom suite.
5. This is also a good one to show the 2 floating styles, and the words Fun Roller is on the top middle.
6. A photo taken by my sister Daphne. She captured Nicole floating like she was in the ocean.
7. See how vibrant the wave is.
8. captured another style of Mr. Trainer.
9. Contrast of the the crystal blue pool water to the sunset dimmy blue ocean water and yet the 2 kids and Mr. Trainer showed a lovely smile.
10. Daphne took my 400D and she did quite a job on holding such a heavy DSLR camera. My 400D is not with any anti-shake function. Daphne is another potential photographer.
11. The FT1 camera's lens is very small; so in taking a photo of half under water and half above water is quite difficult. This one showed Jason's face is with the wave distortion.
12. Nicole is very good at staying silent and motionless under the water, and even holding breath from not making any bubble.
13. Walking in the water.

14. Captured Nicole's sunny smile.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

fire drawing, Aleenta part 2

Have been much occupied with various programs and games we had at Aleenta; so I can only work on posting for our happy time only when I am back to Hong Kong. Such a happy and enjoyable holiday. Thanks for the 2 families bringing such a good time with us. OK, herbelow is one of our games at night time. Fire drawing! At first, I used a less exposure time with my Leica D-Lux 3 and it came out not that vivid.

3. so the above is with a longer exposure time with 8 seconds. Daphne drew some stars.

Doesn't it look like a pair of eye glasses?

So the below photos are taken by 400D with a 30 second F22 exposure time. You would notice bigger lens did take more light in though I minimize the aperture to the minimum as F22 and ISO100.

I was standing at a left to right on a half foot distance to draw a background of rolling circles.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

trip to a rewarding life - Aleenta Phang Nga part 1

OK, now here in this nice resort Aleenta Phang Nga. Much too busy in our water battlefield.

3. Arrived but a bit rainy, but then sunny today. 4. lots of snacks and Khun Michael was so thoughtful and the kids love him so much.

7. OK, first photo I took Jason under water with my new Panasonic water-proof camera. Superb and so fun for all of us. Will upload the movie later. 8. Are you scared with a shark even in the swimming pool?

9. See how fierce of the shark... 10. Mr. trainer - Jason called him so...

11. doesn't he look like flying?

13. Spider man in water.

17. Daphne, Jason and Nicole. 18. Nicole, seemed like she was dancing in the water.

19. our 3 bed room suites at a beautiful sunset

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ready to go, summer water vacation, Aleenta, Phang Nga, Thailand

My sister's family and my friend's family are now ready and excited about a trip to Aleenta Phang Nga just in a few days, so am I. In preparing for our fun time in the private pool of the 3 bedroom suite of Aleenta, we have these to bring with in our luggage:

1. a fun roller for the kids to run on water. 2. floating beds are a must. Besides these 2 newly bought, we have a total of 4 floating beds, and each one is in different color pattern. :)
3. Guess what the 2 plastic rod are? Water-guns in yuda style - may the force be with us! Definitely bring a SPF30-50 sunblock plus a tanning oil. Sunblock with a high SPF is quite sticky to apply evenly on your skin; so I often recommend to apply a layer of tanning oil after the high SPF sunblock as that would make it more applied evenly. 4. More guns - we are going to have a war. Jason - watch out and I won't be lenient. :) Let's rock!

5. Another game - an air-like floating ball. 6. A new water-sand-shock proof camera with HD movie recording by Panasonic with a Leica lens.

Wonton soup, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

After a nice Cova iced mocha, I then turned to a stark contrast of taste - wonton (shrimp/pork dumpling). By the way, wonton was taken for "breaking the gloomy and clumpsy stuff in the break of the Spring season" in the ancient Chinese tradition". Our old ascendants used to eat wonton in the Chinese New Year season. When you bite the dumpling, the meat and the juice inside blast in your mouth and that means "breaking". However, nowadays, it is eaten any time you want. I used to wrap wonton with my elder sister for the lunch on my grand mom's birthday. At that time my grand mom. brought an interesting dried fish and it looked like a mini-sea monster. It's the essence of the wonton soup. I don't know the proper English term and in Chinese it's 大地魚 (a fish very flat like sole).
1. Wonton soup - HK$18. I used to go to this shop when I worked in Tsimshatsui and Jordan area back in the 80's. It's around on the side street between Ashley Road and Hankow Road. It's not super good but in Tsimshatsui, it may be a pretty good one. Fish ball soup - it's also not that good but I kind of like it taste-wise, kind of the common street stall lettuce fish patty soup (魚肉生菜湯)in our school time. :) Also the little fake shark's fin soup, curry fish ball, BBQ squid.. :) Do you miss them?
3. the shop has been there over 20 years. 4. Ka Ka Lok fast food shop (家家樂快餐店) - this is one of the old fast food shops offering the orange-color tomato sauce pork chop with rice and black pepper steak over rice and of course stir fried beef flat rice noodle.... It is still there.

5. Ashley Road is now with quite a no. of restaurants from Korean to Italian.