Saturday, August 28, 2010

Going around in Hua Thanon, Koh Samui

Riding on a bicycle is good to check around the resort's area. Hua Thanon is where X2 is located.
1/2. a muslim fishing village. Didn't go in somehow.
3. the road sign for the entrance of X2. 4. 1.5km south or X2 is Centara Villas Samui but it's up on a hill. Due to my bike isn't with any gear, I gave up on riding up to check it.
5. This photo is one of the few photos I took at the beach. The dreamy palm trees weren't on a photo shop fixing. It's from the fog inside my FT1 camera. Why I didn't take many photos of the beach because there are many active tiny insects that I needed to leave asap. Dengue fever is quite popular in southern Thailand. So better be careful. 6. A family pool villa on the beach.
7. The beach isn't a beach actually. Quite muddy on the bottom. 8. The muddy land can stretch out to a few hundred yard far.

In the Box vs. In the Sky

1. X2 has its theme on boxes. So they call it "in the box" on the switch of the light of the box at the pool (below photo 3). 2. When iPod had its video function in 2004, I finally got mine and engraved it with my theme "in the sea, in the sky, in the sun". In the Sea has been my internet nickname back to the AOL online in the mid. 90's if Pixmation still remembered that, since Pixmation is the first one I know who went on internet in the late 80's and then we chatted on AOL in the mid. 90's. Later on, I expanded a little bit on my theme.

3. ok, this is "in the box" by the pool. 4. on the outside of "in the box".

5. box in the pool. 6. box in the ceiling.

7. box in the bath. 8. box in the entrance.

9. box in the restaurant. 10. box gives way to the tree.
11. but they need some round stuff. This is the rest rooms for the girls and boys. 12. boxes in the big pool.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Testing Tamron 28-300mm lens

When I first bought my 400D, I also got a Tamron 28-300mm lens as recommended by the shop salesman when I told that I often use zooming. However, this heavy lens requires a higher battery power which I didn't realise until I bought my 550D. This Tamron lens has made me practise more on holding a camera firm still as it's not in the Image Stabilizer age. While we are in the digital age and can rely on it most of the time, we may still need to preserve or practise some of our skills.
*the above photo was taken when there was no wind that the pool has a full reflection of the 3 box lounging area. The below photo shows how it looks like in day time but it's on Panasonic FT1.

4K, the restaurant, X2 Samui

1. the entrance on the beach side. 2. Night viewl

3/4. the restaurant.

5. the congee. Quite surprisingly good. 6. omelette with sausage, tomato, beans...etc. Not bad either.
7. condiments to go with the congee. 8. fruits and cold cut.
9. for the bread. 10. bread basket. Slightly toasted but not burnt. The German rye bread is pretty good.

11. Club sandwich. THB250. Quite a big portion. 12. Black pepper seared tuna salad. THB250. This one is unexpectedly good. The caesar salad dressing is in a nice mix of anchovy mayo. and cheese dressing. It's not that thick and just a light touch on the veggie.

13. Virgin Mojito. THB130. A very nice mix of lime, mint leaves, brown sugar and soda. 14. Roasted pumpkin cream soup. THB150. Very nice and the first time I can taste the burnt aromatic pumpkin soup.

15. Chef's salad. THB250. Very fresh and crispy veggie. 16. Fettucine Salmon. THB250. A bit too creamy to me.

17. Pad thai. THB200. It's a must for me to try pad thai in a newly visited restaurant. It turned out this one is pretty nice. 18. Stir fried flat noodle in gravy. THB200. The rice noodle is quite nice.
19. Fried rice with seafood. THB200. At first, it's a bit sweet to me but when I got curious to put a few drop of the garlic chilli fish sauce, it turned out to be a very nice fried rice. 20. House made ice cream. THB200. Giant scoops as you can compare it to the fruit slices. It did surprise me since they use some high quality chocolate and it's dark choco. Again, it's not that sweet. The coconut ice cream has some fresh coconut bits. Very aromatic. Quite impressed!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

the pool, pool villa, X2 Samui

Though I bought a 550D, I still have my Pansonic FT1 on the trip. Below photos were taken on FT1.

1/2. the pool is in a nice color tune tiles in contrast to the layer grey rocky wall of the pool. Lots of green around.

3. an outdoor shower. 4. the pool is about 22 sq. m. (240 sq. feet).