Sunday, September 28, 2008

What I usually get from Bangkok

Whenever I am in Bangkok, I will buy some movies. Some locally licensed movies are just B149. I don't know how it long it will last. Actually both legal and illegal sellers lost the market to another illegal market (file download on internet). For me, I am still attached to a product type. I can touch it at least.
I will for sure keep the mini-size Zam Buk (on the right) as it is no longer in production. Zam Buk was first introduced to me as a good ointment for healing insect's bite. There was a time a girl sitting next to me vomitting from motion sickness. I then gave her some Zam Buk to take a sneeze in. That stopped her vomitting. Then later on I got a bruise on my ankle, it worked. So the miracle continued, my friend's mother was in hospital for a long time and her back was with some skin disease. The doctor tried so many things but couldn't help. So my friend used Zam Buk (as its cooling effect) to make her mother feel better. After a few day of application, her mother's back recovered! Even the hospital doctor found it amazing but of course they wouldn't officially recognise it.
Dried Banana from Emporium supermarket. fresh banana too.
My nieces and nephew like the cute cartoon plasters so much and it's just B29. On the top right is the Palm good for motion sickness. Then the CounterPain on the below is also nice - good for pain from sport.
shirt by Dapper - fabrics nice and nostalgic
shorts by 27th Friday
Moccona coffee - around B100 for 200g (2-3 times cheaper than HK price. On the right is Ohaya sugarless soybean drink 1 litre B35 (2 time cheaper)
Mango B40 - a big one and very sweet. top right is the Jack and Jill Fun O cream biscuit B8 (my nieces' favourite!). bottom left is the 50% fat free coffee mate B25. Then right bottom is the Lady Bug's cuttle fish B38 (2 times cheaper)
Right to left: Aloe Vera Gel B70 - perfect for irritated skin! Neutrogena cleaner B95 (2-3 times cheaper). Mosquito repelling mist - B90 excellent and nice fragrant too. Bergamot hair recovery lotion B49 - introduced to many people and 100% work!
top left: tylenol B10 for 10 tablets (3 times cheaper). Takeda indigestion and anti-acid pill B78 (at Save Drugs) perfect for stomach upset. Middle left: Dimenhydrinate pill for motion sickness and vomitting B12 (4 times cheaper). Middle right: Combizym: good for over eating B45 (2 times cheaper). Mybacin throat candy: excellent for sore throat and tonsilitis B10 (3 times cheaper). Actifed: anti-allergy pill B45 (3 times cheaper)!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

祈望 - 作詞:潘偉源 (Wish by Mr. Poon Wai Yuen)

認識潘老師打從我入行開始,經常要處理他的寫詞版權合約。 當時他的作品非常多,有林子祥的“千億個夜晚”,葉蒨文的"祝福”, 王傑的”一生何求”及"幾分傷心幾分痴”,梅艷芳的”蔓珠沙華”及”烈燄紅唇”等等,不能盡錄。

在這幾個月有一首歌一直纏繞在我腦海中,這首歌詞內裡有幾段正是我對父親的一份情懷。最近與潘老師談及這首歌詞,因我記得當年這首歌是林子祥憑歌寄意,送給昏迷中的陳百強。 細談下,原來字裡行間有著另一份老師對學生的勉勵與祈望,還有一個瀟洒的告別(別我以後 莫回望)。 學生要有的正是這份高飛往前,努力不懈的情懷。 我更深信我們也要有這份情懷。 這亦是潘老師他詞風的多面體。


恰好明天是我父親立碑的日子,也藉此祈望他”以串串美夢 眠過萬千的晚上 別我以後 莫回望”

I have known Mr. Poon Wai Yuen (a renowned lyricist in Hong Kong) since I joined the industry. I often handle various copyright assignments for his lyric creation. His works cover a lot and songs were recorded by many well known singers in Hong Kong.

I have lingered in my mind with a song called "Wishes" for the past few months. Some parts of this song just tells my feeling with my father. Recently I talked with Mr. Poon about this song. As I recall this song was sung by George Lam for expressing his hope to present it to Danny Chan who was in coma then. During the conversation, I realised there is another message of encouragement and wishes from a teacher to his students in the lyric lines, as well as a single goodbye with no return (Leave me goodbye and don't ever look back). This is what an upright spirit for a student holds in their mentality. I do believe we do have the same spirit. The lyrics also reflects the multi-angles of Mr. Poon's lyric style.

Thanks Mr. Poon so much for writing this spirit. I further thank for his letting me post this lyrics to share with the others.

Tomorrow is my father's tomb final completion. With this lyrics, I wish him "sleep through thousand nights with strings of sweet dream. Leave me goodbye and don't ever look back".

祈望 - 作詞:潘偉源

祈望你會振翅 向著遙遠目標高飛往
祈望你擦破海風 棲身理想中的對岸
祈望你以串串美夢 眠過萬千的晚上
別我以後 莫回望

祈望你會恕過 帶著仁愛內心多開朗
祈望你以每點真 一一細賞身邊快樂
祈望你會獻上 漂亮微笑在漆黑照亮
別我以後 莫回望

願你高飛前路往 休擔心晚風與夕陽
你的一生是我夢 前路更闊更漫長
用你的心攜著我 一生中我總會在旁
承受你每片感觸 一一烙在心上

祈望你以勇氣撥落微雨 耐心的攀上
祈望你也會展開 星光遍灑溫馨晚上
祈望你以志氣 每日承諾內心的盼望


"Wish" (lyrics by and at the courtesy of Mr. Poon Wai Yuen)

Wish you could spread your wings and fly high to your distant goal
Wish you could break the sea wind and settle down at your dream land
Wish you could sleep through thousand nights with strings of sweet dream
Leave me goodbye and don't ever look back

Wish you could forgive and be happy inside with your heart along in your mercy
Wish you could look at the happiness around you with every little truth
Wish you could give your beautiful smile to brighten up the dark.
Leave me goodbye and don't ever look back

Wish you could fly high on your road and don't get burdened with night wind and sunset
Your life is my dream and the road becomes wider and longer
Hold me with your heart and I will be by your side all of my life
Take every sentiment branded one by one in my heart

Wish you could sweep away the drizzle with courage and patiently climb up
Wish you could stretch the staright onto every warm night
Wish you could commit the hope in your heart with strength everyday
Step on the road of years
Step on the road of years

*the above translation is for reference only. Meaning of the lyrics should be referred to the Chinese original creation. Apology for any mis-interpreted content.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Tai O part 2

1. pier for the boat to Dolphin sighting
2. Madam selling the purple flower tea

3. Tai O Cultural Museum - in it I saw so many things of my grand mom.
4. see how the old time fishermen wore and some of them still wear it

5. look - the box for wedding.
6. wedding costume

7. rickshaw for picking up the bride
8. fishing hooks on net

9. an old time scale
10. don't you remember how hard your mother washed your clothes? I often got puzzled how come my school uniform was in white.

11. another thing I miss - my grand mom used to have this one for making a nice sweet (火麻仁 ﹣not sure if it's hamstxxx seed)for me.
12. dried shrimp

13. dried clam
14. dried tiny fish

15. Tofu shop - mmh.. my Japanese friend (he can read/speak excellent Cantonese/Mandarin) already asked me "the name beneath is interesting". Yes, she knows it's not a nice name. :)
16. Tofu sweet - very nice tofu sweet.

17. I haven't seen this sole for quite some time. Look at the pink - very fresh!
18. fish maw hanging high to get direct sun light.

19. next time my friend and I shall have these kinds of seafood and bring them to a restaurant nearby for a seafood dinner.

Tai O Part 1, Hong Kong

1: boat to see China White Dolphin - HK$20 for about 20-30 minutes
2.: Tai O Fishing Village - reminding of Alrich Bay Fishing Village in Shaukiwan

3: See how people live on the water
4: the bridge

5: uncles and ladies playing mah joh
6: a boat ready to go sighting Dolphin

7/8: the market

9: dried fish
10: dried fish maw

11: Shrimp paste
12: I think it may be one of the very few street stall having charcoal grilled "egg junior"

13: When I had my first bite, wow, this should be what we call "egg junior". There are so many "acclaimed egg junior" shops only working on the crispy outside and forgot it should be with some "cake like" inside. This is the one they should learn! Not just on the outside.
14: houses in Tai O
15: another view to the village
16: what a nice view to this dried salty fish. The paper is to prevent the fly from going inside the fish tummy and lay eggs.

17: this stereo is almost and should be put in museum. The old man was listening to some Cantonese drama
18: Fashion design is not just for those fashion designer. See how this guy made his "environmentally friendly" t-shirt. So he doesn't need to have a fan to cool himself. I kind of like this photo because it also captured the other man looking at this old man.

19: that simply reminded me of my aunt's kitchen in Yau Tong. She used wood in the stove. Stir fried veggie in "wood burning" is excellent!
20: Shek Pik Reservoir