Thursday, February 12, 2015

Coffee Alley, Chung Hsiao E. Road, Taipei

The coffee culture and western cuisine have been growing rapidly in Taipei but I really can't appreciate this kind of food and drink places.  Apparently the menu and the deco. resembles The Classified.  I'd prefer the classic style of Taiwanese tea house.  This coffee alley has been a talk of town in HK with long lines.  After I tried this one in Taipei, I found it very disappointing.  The coffee is too milky and their signature berry frosty drink too sweet (and the funny thing the shop waitress warned me of this drink being very sour as it's a berry).  The waffle isn't good either - the inside isn't done well and the outside is just a look as if it was quite crispy.  It wasn't at all.  I'd just go back to those classic Taiwanese restaurants.

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