Sunday, September 02, 2012

Breakfast at Chatrium riverside BKK

The breakfast served by this riverfront cafe is not bad and at least it's much better than Emporium. Noticed that the fishes in this area aren't that active as those near MO. They weren't that excited when I threw the bread into the river. One of the reasons they got spoiled with the MO bread.


Mickey Mouse said...

nice breakfast, and also hv fish feeding activity, nice!

Stella said...

Do you mean the school of fish here is the same as those from MO area?
So this place is close to MO?
If yes then I don't blame the fish.
They are spoiled by the MO bread so no room for this restaurant.
I can pass this one too like the fish.
Thank you very much.

in the sea said...

Actually I noticed there are some fish feeding temples along this river (near MO). So when those fish swim to this part, they feel very full.

Stella said...

Oh I see.