Monday, September 03, 2012

Smoking lunch at Ah Yat Abalone restaurant (Forum restaurant), Ramada Menam riverside BKK

Most of the dim sums served here are very native Cantonese style. Among all, I like the beef ball the most - filled with a nice chopped parsley aroma and waternut sweetness. The har guo (pork shrimp dumpling on photo 9) is good too. However, the fish maw chicken roll (雞扎) isn't too good. The fish maw wasn't done right. Apparently it lacks soaking in the ginger scallion stock first to take out the smell. This time we got curious to try their bargain deal - 8 head abalone with mushroom duck feet at THB550. In HK, an average restaurant can charge a 16 head abalone at HK$380. After our last order the fried rice in lotus leaf with abalone sauce was served, the whole dining room was smoking. It was around 2:30pm. Such a real turn off from such a nice meal. There was a Chinese jostle stick burning ceremony. Checked even the waitress came to the window to get some fresh air. I don't know why we didn't get informed first so that we can get prepared from not ordering the rice. Besides, I noticed there are about 8 big pieces of pork (about 8 x 10kg each, total 80kg), tons of fruits and steamed cakes and many other food were placed in the entrance hall (filled up). As a respect, I didn't take a photo of it. I then made a comment to the restaurant's manager "wow, your ceremony food is 100 times than those restaurants in HK. They only have one piece of pork and several fruits.". That simply gave me the answer to why they hurried to have the ceremony.


Mickey Mouse said...

the THB 550 3-in-1 abalone set is at a very good price.

Anonymous said...

Very dangerous the smoking alarm should alert and water fall from the ceiling.

Stella said...

Wow the abalone is so tempting.
And the dim sum dishes do look so good.
I remember this restaurant the service is very good as they gave me some goody for free last time.
I like this place.

in the sea said...

Yes, it's a very bargain.
Anonymous, think they might have turned off the alarm system before burning. They cared about those food presented in the ceremony more than anyone else, even forgetting there are customers in the restaurant.
Stella, next time, please don't come here on the 1st and 15th of the Chinese lunar calendar, unless you wanna be "smoked".

Stella said...

I am allergic to smoke since I had asthma before.
Don't worry Sea, I cannot come here without you guys anyway.