Thursday, September 06, 2012

Silver Wave 銀波, Chinese restaurant, Chatrium riverside BKK

Gentle advice: choose the siu ma only from the a-la-carte and enjoy the panoramic view of Chaophyra river on this 36th floor, the top floor of Chatrium riverside. The other dim sum are not worth trying, not even mention their dim sum lunch buffet at THB695 net. The waitress asked for my comments on their food quality and insisted on why I said "average". I simply replied it's way below the Cantonese dim sum standard and in considering this price, it's not worth it. Interesting that she didn't say a word; so what an unnecessary question for an answer they don't wanna hear.


Mickey Mouse said...

if they cannot do authentic Cantonese dimsum, just say it is Thai-Chinese dimsum, don't use the name Cantonese to make money while it is not the case, shame of them.

from the pics, can tell they use very cheap and century-old oil; the flour that made those dumplings is not the one used in Cantonese dimsum. they look like THB15 dimsum those sell by the roadside.

even the name in Chinese is very odds. can tell the person who name this restaurant doesn't understand Chinese language well enough, and is undereducated, maybe the owner consulted the chef for the name.

Stella said...

I will pass this for sure since quality not good and price too high.

Good to know about this.

in the sea said...

I really don't appreciate dim sum using some artificial crab meat. Correct, the cooking oil is very lousy. The chicken feet is horrible too. They boiled it in hot water for hours and shimmered it in some cheap oyster sauce. The worst in this century. If I'm not attracted to the view, I wouldn't give it a try.