Saturday, September 08, 2012

Dara Suite, Cape Dara hotel, Northern Pattaya, Thailand

For the past 5-6 times visit at Pattaya, not a single one could have impressed me much in terms of the beach, the atmosphere and the hotel general quality. To me, Pattaya is a very different place from the other parts of Thailand. Cape Dara hotel is a new hip hotel situated next to Woodlands resort on north Pattaya. Booked a 80 square meter suite. As I walked in, it's just a super big empty room. See photo 1. Don't know why the furniture is so small and put so squeezed on a corner in the living room. The answer is that all the room types use the same furniture. So when this kind of furniture was put in the suite which is double the size of the deluxe room, it looks so weird. The only best part of this hotel is the super panoramic view of this hotel from Centara Grand Mirage on the right and Hilton on the left.


Mickey Mouse said...

it really has a better view over Central Grand Mirage Beach.

the extra space maybe let 100 ppl to party in the room.

Stella said...

Wow it looks funny. If you did not tell us I thought this is a hotel lobby rather than a room.

One good thing is it is very roomy with super view.

Yes Mickey is right, you can partition and sub-rent the extra space to others.

in the sea said...

har... the hottest topic in HK housing issue room partition and sub-rent 劏房. So this hotel is really in the trend.
BTW, the local "truck" taxi asked for an extra B50 for going inside the soi when they know the final destination is not Woodland. This soi 20 Naklua is just 200 meters long. B50 for 200 meters ride - a taxi fee in France.

Stella said...

If I come to this hotel I may get some profits by sub-renting out.
BTW, Chris also will also stay is a sub-rent "tong fong".
B50 for 200 meters is a rip off.