Saturday, September 08, 2012

Cape Dara hotel, northern Pattaya, Thailand

The hotel was opened in June this year but for 3 months already it wasn't completed. The low rise pool suite and 3 bedroom compound were still in construction, even the gym and the 2nd swimming pool (check the last few photos). When in the only swimming pool, often there was some constant noise and unpleasant smell (from the cement and construction material). Suggested to the Manager about some PR backup services, like complimentary shuttle service to Central Festival, and services offered in the swimming pool, such as cool drinks and towels and complimentary snack...etc. (not even the staff asking the guests for services). An interesting reply from the Manager and such a robotic reply (probably from many previous complaints) that they didn't expect the completion schedule fell behind..... I then decided to save my energy.


Mickey Mouse said...

need not to suggest, these ppl r buffalo, they always laugh at their neighboring countries, but don't know that ppl rest of the world r laughing at them too. e-kwai.

Stella said...

Since this hotel is incomplete you shall only pay incomplete bill too.

in the sea said...

Har... they charge a complete price though.