Monday, September 10, 2012

The swimming pool, Cape Dara hotel, northern Pattaya, Thailand

This swimming pool "looks" not bad and especially with such a good view. However, the water wasn't too clean and the water filtering has some problem. Some big negligences were noted. First the tiles on the pool entrance are very slippery. Saw someone got injured quite seriously. Even though the pool attendant noticed it, no assistance was given. Another fault was that there wasn't any nearby restroom or changing room. Guests need to go a long way to the lobby hall for the need.


Stella said...

This is the fault of the architect, the interior designer and management.
A high end resort shall be more thoughtful on details.

in the sea said...

Correct and to be frank, somehow I found out all these flaws happen to most hotels in Pattaya.

Ken Mealy said...

I appreciate your info on this hotel. Can you compare it to Amari Orchid Pattaya that's nearby.

I'm deciding between these two hotels for a few days rest, mid october 2012 for myself and my 3 year old.


in the sea said...

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the note. I haven't tried Amari Orchid but it looked quite ok and Amari group resort may be good for families esp. for your 3 year old kid. This Cape Dara was too new when I visited there. I told the hotel manager that they should put some non-slippery tiles on the swimming pool entrance. The room and the view of this one is superb though. If you have enough time, say 5 nights, you may consider to break for 2 stays, say 2 nights with this one and 3 nights at Amari, or vice versa, in case the other may not be suitable for you.