Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cheung Kee (Club the Silver) 祥記 (銀盧會所), Lockhart Rd, Wanchai HK

Came here several times but always full. This time it was almost 10pm I got here and glad that I made it. The place serves a very wide variety of Northern Chinese cuisine. I took the chilled goose web with celery (photo 2) HK$50. The celery was nicely boiled and quickly chilled in icy water. So crunchy and refreshing. The goose web was tossed with some light touch of sesame oil and soy sauce. The mustard sauce was also nicely mixed - not too bitter or sour. Photo 4: Veggie mixed casserole 砂碢雜錦 HK$68. Very good chicken/pork stock with some salty pork and chicken meat. Together with the sweet Northern cabbage, the soup is very sweet. It's in a very big portion - good for 8 rice bowls. Photo 5: Dried fried diced chicken with dry chili 大千雞丁 HK$68. When it was served on the table, the burnt aroma with garlic and chili was so strong. Don't think it's a very hot dish. Dry chili isn't that hot but delivers a very nice aroma. Photo 6: pan fried dumpling HK$50. Finished it all. Very good pan frying. Crispy outside and juicy filling inside. Not oily at all. As all the dishes are so nice that I had to try a dessert I seldom order - deep fried caramelized banana 拔絲香蕉 HK$58. I like the way they made the wrap not so thick (check photo 9). The caramelized is with some sesame. So it tastes like some sesame candy. Highly recommended!


Mickey Mouse said...

good food, that's why Cheung Kee is almost full ..

Stella said...

The pan fried dumplings look so yummy.
Oh I missed that "But See" for a long time.
Wan chai is full of good food.

in the sea said...

The "but see" could have been a bit better if the waitress didn't care too much about my photo taking. So it's my fault. :)

Stella said...

Do you mean the waitress was next to you watching taking photo so as to make you nervous or feel pressured?

Or she was just very pretty so that your one eye gone to her and forgot about the "But See"?

in the sea said...

The waitress putting those banana doughs into the icy water with some hesitation. Supposed this step needs to be very quick and to stir up some caramelized "silk" (that's the meaning of "but see"). So turned out that "silk" is some sugar twist, not "silk" enough.

Stella said...

Oh I see.
Thanks for the note.