Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday night home cooking 咸蛋蒸肉餅 (Steamed pork patty with salty egg)

I often enjoy cooking at home during weekend in order to avoid the crowd outside. This time I thought of this steamed dish that I haven't made for over 7 years. This dish used to be my regular when I was in my high school, and it's also my father's favourite one. Over those years, I modified the recipe that my aunt taught me, with an egg to replace half portion of the 2 salty duck egg white. So this way, it's more aromatic and smoother as the salty duck egg white is a bit too rough. Another key point is to put a pinch of sea salt in it. Fresh salty and preserved salty combined is the magic touch to bring up the salty egg and pork flavour, together with some sugar to balance it. Besides, the salty egg york needs to be cut (with chopsticks) in smaller pieces so that the patty would be in a nice egg york aroma. I prefer this way rather than putting a whole egg york (it's quite a lazy way).


J said...

Wow! Looks Yummy! ^^

Mickey Mouse said...

this is also one of my favorites .. i like all kind of steamed pork patties

in Bangkok, Ah Yat has very good one

Stella said...

This looks so yummy here.

Oh this is my favorite too. I eat this dish at least once a month.
Good idea to cut the salty duck egg yolk into pieces to spread out the aroma. Very smart.

BTW, I always put some chopped water chestnut into the patty for better texture. But in this case less sugar(or no sugar) is needed since the water chestnut has sweet taste already.

in the sea said...

Thanks. SS, water chestnut is of course very nice in most patties. Please use chopsticks to cut the salty duck egg york, and do that in the plate with the pork patty. This way the patty can absorb some of the egg yolk and white flavour. :)

Stella said...

Thank you SEA for the tips.
Will try your method soon.
I eat this dish every month at least once.