Thursday, May 31, 2012

Patisserie Valerie, Marble Arch, London

It was very early (at 7am) when I arrived at the Hotel Guoman Cumberland. The front desk lady recommended me to try this patisserie behind across the hotel. Tried their tomato cheese sandwich with side salad (about 5 pounds) and the croissant with ham (about 6 pounds) and coffee (1.5 pounds). Freshly baked croissant and bread too.


Stella said...

Everything looks good but expensive(compare to BKK and LA).

Mickey Mouse said...

the tomato cheese sandwich (if they taste good) can make my day; the croissant is sinfully appealing to eat too, though i hv to watch my waist ..

Stella, that's London! now r u happy to be an American right? so don't complain the government la, Americans (already) live in a paradise indeed!

Stella said...

Yes it is good to live in US especially in LA in terms of the low cost of living and good price(and big portion) of food.

in the sea said...

Yes, Mickey, this kind of sandwich is so good.
Really no complaint about the good nice food in the States. Actually US has so much rich resources.