Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Nawamin Festival Walk, BKK

Nawamin Festival Walk is on the north east of the Greater Bangkok. Good to come here on Sunday for a break from the bustling downtown or crowded shopping malls. Lovely river stream and swaying trees with the shops and restaurants around. Shopping can be this relaxing!


Stella said...

Looks like a nice place to go.
This must be far from HKK and that is way I never seen this place.
So KFC is popular is Asia still.

in the sea said...

Actually it's not that far to me. About 30 to 40 minute taxi ride (without traffic) from Asoke. Usually it should be on Sunday. SS, there are so many shopping places in BKK, many community malls growing up.

Stella said...

If it is 40 minutes from Asoke then quite far to me. As the taxi drives fast in LA.
Nice shopping place though.

Stella said...

Oops, I mean the taxi drives fast in BKK.