Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Chez Patrick Deli, Star Street, Wanchai HK

Finally came here to try their cakes and coffee. The cakes are at average but quite pricey - about HK$55-65. The variety is a bit too less, with only 4-5 selections. Had a coffee cake set at HK$90 (vs. HK$ 60-70 at other similar cafe/deli nearby). See how "thin and bland" of that so-called iced latte. The service is so so. When I ordered an iced latte, I was asked for confirmation "ok, iced latte, hot or cold?". In order to avoid his confusion, I replied "a cold iced latte".


Mickey Mouse said...

no wonder this shop is on heavy advertorial coverage, so part of the cake/food price 'contribute' to its PR cost, many u-pay-i-write magazines praised that Chez Patrick Deli is a cool place to eat .. lousy food always need heavy PR help .. just like Bug and Bee in Bangkok!

Stella said...

$10 US for this cake is really over priced.
Also the iced latte is so dilute.
For the same quality of cake in BKK may be half price.

in the sea said...

The deco. and the name of this place can get people a good impression, maybe. LIkewise, Bug and bee is a very nice name too.