Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2 bed room water pavilion, Niyama Maldives

At the tip of the water villa section, there goes a 2 bed room pavilion with a big pool on a 270 degree panoramic sea view.


Stella said...

Very nice room and view.
The water is so green.
Is the water warm?

in the sea said...

Because of the sun shine, the water is not too cold but the sea breeze is quite cool and the average temperature is at around 27-31 degree. Reminds me of how HK used to be and that we didn't need any air-con. in the old days.

Stella said...

Thank you SEA.
So the water is just like those in Hawaii. Not too warm then.
The water in Cancun is like in hot spring though. The warm water is the selling point for Cancun.

syu said...

Beautiful! Thx for sharing! I hope you enjoyed your vacation there. How do u like it? Does it meet or exceed your expection in terms of quality & services?

I've booked a 1 bdr water pavilion, hope it'll be as nice as this. Do u remember what kind of toiletries they provide in the bathroom? Any hair conditioner & shower gel? How about power supply? Both 110V & 220V ok?

Do we need to bring any insect expellent along? Lots of mosquitoes there or ok?

Thanks! Really enjoy see your Maldives trip posts! Very nice pics!

in the sea said...

Thanks Syu. Yes, I did enjoy the stay. As the resort was built on such a remote island, I can't complain about the villa. The entire team of Niyama is indeed very helpful and even the workers (who are building the 2nd phase on the linked island) are very friendly.
On my last checking around, the water pavilion is on another section and which is still under construction. That means they will be ready when it's September. Check Photo 8 and 11 on the below link. On the far left of photo 8, that's the 5 units of the water pavilion with 1 BR or 2BR.

I would advise you to bring more insect repellent, at least 2 bottles. At close to the evening time and as you leave the room for dinner, spray some on the door sides and dim areas. This would help to get away the insects and the rats too. Rats are somehow sensitive to this kind of smell.
Hope you will enjoy your trip and if possible, hope to see your photos for Niyama, if convenient. I will miss Niyama for sure in Sept.

in the sea said...

They have more than enough toiletries and of very good quality, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel to body lotion. They have bath salt too. The voltage is 220V on the UK 3 pins (same as HK).

syu said...

Oh thx for your pic link, saw the water pavilions, nice. Hopefully they'll be all ready for move in by Sept, as well as the underwater club, that's a major attraction for the resort.

Ok, will bring along enough insect repellent. Can't believe they didn't do anything to keep away the rats, so scary! Did u also need to spray insect repellent on skin when u go outdoor? Any mosquito bites?

Do u think their power supply is also compatible w/ 110V 2 pins, we're from US.

Thx so much for all your useful travel info, really appreciate that! :)

in the sea said...

You are welcome.
I think so as I saw the labours were fixing up some furniture and some final parts. The house manager told me Subsix should be ready in July.
Since I travel a lot to resorts in Asia, I often spray the repellent on my skin, esp. on the ankle, under knee and elbow area, when you are out for dinner. However, it's still unavoidable to get a few insect bites. Another effective thing is to wear some long sleeves and long pants in white or light color. Don't wear in blue and black.

I believe the resort should be doing something on the rat problem. Actually I told them to pet some cats. Anyway, spray the repellent inside your studio when you are going out for dinner. Try not to have any milk products or cheese left in the trash bins. I usually rinse the cup after the coffee with milk.

Are your phone or other devices on the universal voltage from 110-220V? They have some sockets which is ok for US 2 pins as I have some devices with 2 pins. I think the resort should have those adapters for the pin, but not sure if they have the voltage converter.

syu said...

Thx for your great advice about rats & insect repellent etc. No wonder all ppl in the tropics are wearing white... :p

Maybe I'll check w/ Niyama to see if their power supply works for the US ones. I feel that Maldives are catering for more Europeans & Asian tourists, but not too many from US/Canada, it's kinda far to get there from US. Since I'm going back to HK anyways, it's ok to visit Maldives. It's almost an once-a-lifetime dream vacation! Can't wait!

in the sea said...

you are welcome.
It's quite true that Maldives have more Asians and Middle East people or from Europe. I would say so - once a lifetime.

syu said...

Again big thx for your time & patience giving me all the detail & useful travel tips to Niyama! That's very nice & kind of u! Really appreciate your informative Travel Blog & beautiful pictures too!

Will let u know how my trip there turns out to be after Sept! :)

in the sea said...

It's my pleasure, Syu. Please do let me know how Niyama will be then. Love to hear more about Niyama.

syu said...

Hi hi,

We've got back from our Niyama dream vacation a while ago, it's AWESOME! Thx for your previous travel info which did help a lot for our trip planning. And we're lucky to get a free upgrade to this beautiful ocean pavilion (from a water pavilion which is in fact still under construction) at check-in, what a nice surprised treat!

Anyways, need to tell u an unbelievable incident happened to us. A Mr.強國人, whom we don't know & obviously uninvited, swam to & climbed up onto our private sundeck! We're in the living room at the time & were totally astonished seeing this stranger walking around our private plunge pool! And then we went out & saw his 強國人 friend also got up to the sundeck at the unit next door! 強國人登陸馬爾代夫! Definitely the highlight of our trip! ;p Hahahaaa... we tried to be friendly & ended up showing him a tour around our unit & took some pics w/ him too! And he somehow left behind his snorkel flippers on our stairs & swam out! Hahaaa... guess the hotel needs to advice 'certain guests' about the appropriate resort etiquette! Other than this 'adventure', everything else is just perfect! We'll miss this Maldives paradise forever.

in the sea said...

HI Syu, so nice hearing from you and learned that you had a great time in Niyama. I missed there much. Good that they got you an upgrade. I noticed the other villas were not ready and even some having certain problems that they are still fixing it. Building up a villa on water (with so many heavy furniture) isn't easy.

Re your incident with those people, you were in a very nice manner with them. Before climbing up someone's villas, they needed to check carefully from afar if, let's say the sun chairs or any noticeable things outside look moved or occupied. Second of all, simply it's easy to see if there are someone inside the room. Just like some water villas, when I passed by in the front sea area, I would just see it from afar. I think even though the hotel might have told them, they just didn't care.

Anyway, in order not to spoil the holiday mood, you did a very right thing. I hope that I can visit Maldives soon again.

Thanks for your story sharing. Cheers!

syu said...

You're right, no need to spoil our holiday mood, we just treated that incident w/ some humor & laughed at how hilarious it was!

We happened to run into the chief engineer of niyama at the bar & had a very educational conversation w/ him about how they started building the resort out of an no-men island 3 yrs ago, as well as how to built the underwater club etc, really interesting & amazed at how they make things happen at these remote islands & open sea.

I've started organizing some of my trip pics & videos, still a lot more to work on, headaches... there are thousands of them! Here are a couple videos done, enjoy! :)


in the sea said...

Thanks Syu. No doubt moving and transporting all those material onto such a remote island is of much technique and cost. So when we take this into consideration, the room rate isn't high. BTW, even their restaurant is very reasonable.

Thanks for the video links. Very nice video! Makes me wanna go back soon again. BTW, was the subsix ready?

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