Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tribal, African BBQ restaurant, Niyama Maldives

Supposed the resort has 3 restaurants and 3 lounges and 1 deli. Unfortunately, the underwater dance club and its restaurant Edge were not ready. So I had to take turn to try the remaining 2 restaurants. Tribal in a very special deco. and menu, highlighting their lava stone grill of some African touch. The bread, the appetizer (lobster and prawn) are very nice but the meat is so so. It's a bit much too chewy and greasy. Something quite intrigue to me is their banana. Very hard to chew and they cooked it very raw. The texture is quite similar to uncooked taro.


Mickey Mouse said...

they look nice in ur pics; har, hard-to-chew banana, truly Sri Lanka banana, cannot eay then just taste it .. hehe!

Stella said...

I was told all food in Maldives cannot compare to BKK or HKK at all.

in the sea said...

Yes, they look quite nice but somehow the meat is a bit overdone, but good in some way if they are undone.
For seafood, Maldives has some real nice ones though.