Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Maldivian dinner buffet, Epicure of Niyama Maldives

The resort has different themed dinner buffet each night. Lucky that on the first night that's a local buffet. I can see the local people use quite a lot of coconut and nuts (cashew and peanuts) and a lot of seafood (mainly tuna, white coral fish, big prawns and squid). Their frying technique is pretty good and the chefs often use some moderate amount of various spices, probably under the influence of its neighbouring countries Sri Lanka and India. Very fresh seafood of course but the veggie is a bit not so. No complaint since there is not enough flat land for agriculture. Overall, the local food is better than expected in considering this place is so far away from Male (the capital city).


Stella said...

Kind of Hawaii or Cancun feel though.
Must be lots of curry stuff since close to India.

in the sea said...

Yes, it's quite curry but not that hot because it's a resort restaurant.

syu said...

Did you buy the Halfboard for breakfast & dinner? Is this the only restaurant included for halfboard? Looks pretty good though! :)

in the sea said...

I think half board (breakfast & dinner) is good enough and if you are not a big eater. Something light for lunch would be good. Supposed there are 4 restaurants but the Edge wasn't open due to Subsix the club had the sinking problem. It may be ready in Sept.
I prefer Epicure. Tribal is good to try in terms of atmosphere but their BBQ is a bit too heavy to me.