Wednesday, June 20, 2012

From Male (Capital city) to Niyama resort, Maldives

It takes 40 minutes (without stop) on a sea plane from Male to Niyama (118 miles south west of Male). There was a stop at Vilu Reef (photo 9/10 shows their shuttle boat for a stop buoy) for 5 minutes, but which is nice to see more. Photo 1/2: sea plane of Trans Maldivian Airways. It's right next to the Male Int'l Airport. Photo 3: Male City. The last three photos are the Niyama docking bridge.


Mickey Mouse said...


Stella said...

What a paradise on earth.
Lucky you.
FYI, my customers from Harvard told me today your blog and TC's are very interesting so now they are thinking to visit HKK and BKK.

in the sea said...

Signed a confidentiality agreement with myself since it's been so difficult to book a flight or resort for this place. All the time full.... So I tell myself I need to keep it until I get here. :)

Stella said...

Har confidentiality agreement to yourself?
Wow this is really amazing.
You went at the good timing since there is typhoon in HKK I heard.

in the sea said...

Lately there have been so many agreements I need to deal in. So in order to balance it, I need to make at least one for myself so that I won't go in a competition law for my business and personal life. Yes, really so many laws that even they crash each other.