Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bussaracum, Royal Thai cuisine, (Surasak) Sathorn, BKK

Finally I gotta try this restaurant after so many years of their moving of several times. I can say I have had the best Khao Chae and lots of other very nice dishes, even my favourite Pad Thai! Most of all, this place is within easy reach (on a short walk of 5 minutes from Surasak BTS station). What amazed me is their relatively low prices for all the dishes. Another good thing is that they have Khao Chae round the year. The only flaw is their dessert - creme brulee with coconut ice cream. The ice cream is nice but the creme brulee is very disappointing. Having said that, it didn't frustrate me from the other nice dishes. For sure I will re-visit here.


Mickey Mouse said...

i went there again few days ago, still good, but i forgot to order the roselle drinks .. :(

Stella said...

Oh Khao Chae all year round, that is good.
All the dishes here look so good even the cream brulee that you did not impress you.
Also the restaurant is so elegant.
Looks like a fancy and expensive place though.
OK, after seeing this I have to get some coconut ice cream now.
My freezer has 3 layers for ice cream/ice cream bar/ice pops.

in the sea said...

Oh.. what a pity. Their roselle drink is so good to go with the meal, but only the meal alone is also very much to the appetite!
SS, I would say this restaurant should be on your must-visit list.
Brought my friend to this restaurant and I could see his cheerful thankful delightful face and for the first time he gratefully thanked TC for bringing us to this meal. No exaggeration - that's the very first ever I have seen him being so thankful and grateful!

Thailand Club said...

yes, our old friend is very happy that night, he (and u too) even keep all the khao-chae water in the arm and drink them to the last drop .. hahahahaha

Stella said...

Wow a "must visit" list to here huh.
I can tell just by looking at the photos and your comments here.

It seems that your friend is a picky gourmet since this is the first time he is pleased and impressed with TC's choice while there are 8 out of 10 times I am pleased and impressed.

in the sea said...

Mmh... the other times he was happy were at Minibar Royale...

in the sea said...

Yes, I think the jasmine water is so good for clearing the strong flavour from the meal.

Stella said...

Minibar Royale is at one of the hotels you stayed.
BTW, TVB introduced Grey Hound in HK today. They have the iced lemon tea cube that you once mentioned in your previous post.