Wednesday, June 06, 2012

鳳城美食, 灣仔汕頭街 Fung Shing restaurant, Shantou Street, Wanchai HK

This shop is one my regular visited shop for a big full meal for a bowl of soup, a big bowl of rice and a drink. 12 years ago, this set big meal set was about HK$32. Last week when I tried it, it is surprisingly kept at HK$37. Their signature fish patty slices soup is still pretty good. Then the pork chop with over-easy egg on rice with sweet soy sauce is highly recommended. They only pan fry the pork chop and egg to the order. My top priority is still their stewed beef brisket with turnip. They often put 3 big chunks of sweet soft turnip in it with lots of brisket cuts. Their house brisket sauce is excellent too. See the dry grown morning glory (photo 4). The preserved bean curd sauce is very nice. It's at a right balance of sweet and salty flavour with a bit chili in it.


Mickey Mouse said...

i like the pork chop swiss sauce ..

Stella said...

This kind of "Kai Fong"(neighbor) food is what I like to eat in HK. Good price and good taste.

Oh I heard of a famous "Kai Fong" place selling pineapple bun and fast food in Causeway Bay called "Like Ton". Very famous and good but they are closing down soon due to an irresistable offer from buyer.

in the sea said...

The pork chop of this shop is really good in terms of fast food shop.
SS, I recall one of my cousin (she is so good in making cakes) run a bread shop around that area. I used to go there as she was so nice to give me some very nicely baked bread like "Mexico" bread and "cocktail" bun.
Yes, that Lai Ton is going to close soon.... Their bread is very traditional.

Stella said...

Hi Sea, so you know this Lai Ton too. Really famous bread shop then.

I read from magazine the buyer offered an irresistible
$146,000,000 earlier this year, resulting owner Mr. Lam's gain of $132,200,000 over his original purchase in 1996.
This also shows how strong is the real estate market in HK, a big contrast over the US.

Sources: One Weekly(Next Magazine) May 3 Issue page 108-112.

in the sea said...

Of course, he should, in considering selling 132,200,200 piggy buns on a profit of HK$1 per bun. :)

Stella said...

Yes you are right Sea.
According to the magazine, it will take him another 30 years of selling buns to get this money.