Monday, June 04, 2012

清真牛肉館, Islam beef food, Kowloon City, HK

Yesterday I walked alone from Lok Fu to Kowloon City before I further walked through Sun Po Kong, Choi Hung to Kwun Tong. It was 3pm I passed by this shop. A golden opportunity of avoiding the crowd. How could I not go in for fueling up my body? The beef buns are still so good and even the soy bean drink has a burnt aroma. 2 thumbs up! So I happily led on my walking to the east Kowloon.


Mickey Mouse said...

this Islam beef specialty eatery is very famous la

Stella said...

So Sea walked a lot today.
Even Mickey knows about this simple Islamic eatery, so must be famous and good.
We only have one Islamic Ching Chen eatery in Monterey Park.
Yes I like the burnt aroma of Soy Milk I found at Jin Dull and Wong Fu.

in the sea said...

Yes, this shop is very famous now and even they recently opened a 2nd branch (just 2 blocks away). Their Shan Dong chicken is very nice. Too bad during dinner time, there is always a long queue. So I took the 3-4pm break to get my favourite beef bun.

Stella said...

Lucky you can eat your "high tea" here at 3-4 pm.
The beef cake here looks so good and not oily at all.

in the sea said...

Yes, it's very nice. Juicy inside and crispy outside.