Friday, June 08, 2012

2012 summer review Kudos, Cafe of Crowne Plaza HK

I like the way Kudos serves the sashimi in mini bowls, pretty hygienic and a nice presentation (photo 1). Besides, the crab was served in an easy way without too much trouble (photo 3). What further impressed me is that they forwent Movenpick and take Hagen Daz mini cup. All the food are at average to above average. In terms of the price HK$268 for lunch buffet (20% discount for several major credit cards), it's much worth it.


Mickey Mouse said...

yesterday i went to Crowne Plaza (Bangkok of course) to lunch, pretty okay for THB 700++ (IGH member discount applies, 50% for 1-2 pax), June is Braziliam BBQ theme buffet

Hagen Hazs mow served at Oishi Grand buffet at THB 680 net(Siam Discovery), last week a friend and i almost made it, but due to long waiting time, we finally gave up (yes, the buffet is still very hot!)

Stella said...

$35 US for this kind of buffet in BK is good price.
I like the easy-to-eat crab claw above and the small portion of sashimi so no waste of food.

in the sea said...

Need to try Crowne Plaza BKK some day. Thanks for the tips re Brazilian BBQ theme. :) Maybe it's time to go back to Oishi Grand, as we already went back to Ban Khun Mae, See Fah...etc.

Mickey Mouse said...

may revisit Oishi Grand @ Siam Discovery; but for buffet at Crowne Plaza, save it, very so-so ..

instead, the CN restaurant one floor down, is pretty okay (surprised!)

in the sea said...

I see. OK, then another cycle back to Oishi Grand.