Sunday, November 11, 2012

2012 Autumn Review: Maxim's Palace restaurant Taikooshing HK

 4-5 years ago Maxim's group was really a pain to me with those contemporary fusion food.  The situation has turned back with more classic Cantonese dishes and cooking style.  Though the first one   (deep fried pig's knuckle in preserved tofu sauce) isn't very Cantonese but the way it was made is quite Cantonese.  The 2nd one is a very home cooking - steamed chicken with preserved veggie 沖菜蒸鷄.  The 3rd one is braised garoupa fin in casserole 班翅煲 - a very nice one and a classic cooking with roasted pork, dried mushroom and Chinese lettuce.


Mickey Mouse said...

that means Maxim's listen to comments. good!

Mickey Mouse said...

my yesterday comment didn't post here. yack Google and those responsible for Blogger.

in the sea said...

Sigh.... I had that in yours too.