Friday, November 09, 2012

BB1 Vietnamese Bistro, Hysan Place, Causeway Bay HK

 Finally found this restaurant in Hysan Place, but am disappointed with both the food and services.  The food isn't impressive though not too bad.  The beef broth isn't as nice as the other Vietnamese restaurants I tried, and it's quite salty. The chopped scallion is also very salty.  The common mistake is that all these aromatic ingredients were prepared for a long time that it lost much of the original aroma.  Service-wise, the waiters and waitresses often kept their heads down without caring for service.  Took a long time for checking the bill.  Couldn't help it and brought up these to the waiter who responded.


Mickey Mouse said...

oh BB1 is a Viet restaurant. sorry to hear that it is not as good as its other sibling restaurant.

Anonymous said...

These look good to me.
But since lots of Vietname food in LA so that I can pass this kind in HK due to my tight schedule.


in the sea said...

Actually the 3 places I visited in Hysan Place are no good. SS, no need for this kind of place. Still a lot others to pile up for you.

Anonymous said...

Good to know this one is out.
We have too many choices with only 4 days. Need to eat many meals everyday.

I can skip Vietnamese food and Thai food too as there are many other foods to eat.