Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fallen Dynasty - Sweet Dynasty, Hysan Place, Causeway Bay HK

Such so many bad lucks with all the branches in this new mall Hysan Place, including this one which used to be my favourite place (only the Happy Valley main shop but now no more).  The branch in Happy Valley reminds me of so much good old memory esp. with my very best friend that we often got their almond sweet and pork chop on rice.  Unfortunately, this new branch didn't even keep up to a standard of a decent Cantonese dessert shop.  The almond sweet is horrible like corn starch water.  The red bean herbal jelly is not chilled and the red bean is not cooked well.  The only half edible one is their sticky rice dumpling with Malteser (photo 2) because of Malteser.


Anonymous said...

coz most of the investment and running cost go to the rent, unreasonable high rental indeed.

Mickey Mouse

Anonymous said...

I have heard that "Tong Chiu" is famous.
Good to know that we can skip this one from the list.
I do like to eat turtle herbral jello and other dessert though.
One or two times a day is ok too.