Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tsui Wah HK style tea room

 Friends in town and I must bring them to try the piggy buns by Tsui Wah.  One of them is a fan for herbal jelly.  Surprisingly he found a bat man shaped herbal jelly (photo 3).  So we had 2 orders of piggy buns and a French (HK style) toast with vanilla ice cream.  The drinks were awesome too.  We had lime gum-guat, lime mint frappe and fresh orange juice.   Today is the first day Tsui Wah has been put on IPO.  Wish her a further big success.


Mickey Mouse said...

har a hk tearoom on ipo omg ..

har bat (shape) herbal jelly, interesting ..

Stella said...

I know about this one from "Eat & Travel Weekly".
The Bat Man grass herbal jello is fun.
The toasted bun with butter always my favorite.
I like all the food above, especially the first 3 photos.
If time allows, we can include this (or the similar one)for our 3:15 pm high tea.

in the sea said...

This is something inspirational that a legend of how a fast food shop delivery boy made his way out.
SS, this place is worth visiting during your trip.

Stella said...

Thank you Sea.
Yes we can have our 3:15 pm tea here.
I heard about this several times.
Would like to try this kind of cafe or other "Day Mou" Cafe or
Bing Sud(Ice Room) at 3:15 pm, a cheap high tea place.