Monday, November 12, 2012

Consistently worst at Ruby Tuesday, Taikooshing HK

There are times we might make some X-file mistake of going back to places where we had some horrible time.  Last weekend I did such a X-file return to this place.  A one trip salad bar at HK$88 for some canned fruits and veggie in no-frills salad dressing.  The beef burger (HK$128) can be the more eatable one, but only the burger.  The fries is warm and too wet and oily.  The fish fingers - forget it.  It's soaked in the oil not deep fried.  The waitress kept on asking me to join their membership (payment of HK$250 for 3 months and getting 50% discount).  I kept on replying "no need".


Anonymous said...

hk$88 for a single-round salad bar, expensive! that THB 249 net (hk$65) all-u-can-eat salad+pasta+curry buffet at Cafe G of Holidat Inn Bangkok is therefor a budget dining heaven.

/Mickey Mouse

in the sea said...

Missed Cafe G. Tried it several times 7-8 years ago.
Ruby Tuesday is really eating money by offering cheap lousy food.

Stella said...

They want to get your upfront membership money before they close down.
This Ruby Tuesday is like the Ruby here. Not cheap but with lousy food.

Anonymous said...

maybe this Ruby Tuesday is managed by Bug and Bee!!

in the sea said...

and most of all, they still think their food is reasonably priced and "gorgeous".