Monday, January 30, 2012

Apartment in Cannes, Southern France

On some of the trips in Cannes, I would feel like staying in an apartment (not a full serviced with daily cleaning and a restaurant). So you would find yourself living more local. This time I chose this apartment in the port area, a bit away from the busy crowded area. It's very spacious at around 800 square feet with a big balcony and a full kitchen that I thought about getting some freshly made ravioli and a roasted chicken for a nice lunch in the balcony. Unfortunately the weather has been very rainy for the past 2 days.


Stella said...

Looks very big and nice.

So you mean this is not a serviced apartment but an regualar apartment for tourist to rent.

in the sea said...

This can be called as a semi-severiced apartment, very unlike what you get in BKK, HK or Asia/USA...etc.

Stella said...

Semi-serviced means cleaning inside only with no fancy lobby and free breakfast like AG or Centre Point?
What is the daily price of this apartment hotel Sea?