Thursday, January 19, 2012

Frites, Belgium on tap, San Li Tun, Wanchai North, HK

The dining area San Li Tun (the platform area of Causeway buildings on Gloucester Road) has completed its new face lift with various restaurants. Saw this new branch (the other one in Quarry Bay, Taikoo Place) in San Li Tun and gave it a try. Got a set lunch menu (ranged from HK$138 to 238) with a soup or salad, a main course and a drink or dessert. I chose a chicken filet on couscous. It's so so. I don't mind frozen chicken if it's marinated a bit to get rid of the frozen smell. On the main course, I took a duck confit on a bed of mixed beans. The duck confit (photo 5) was too dried out but not crispy. Then on the other main grilled sea bass, it's average too. The dessert is their home made pound cake. Apparently this restaurant is mainly in the business for beer and drinks with snacks and tapas to go with.


Stella said...

So today is the "beer" day and we even have a bible for beer.

Stella said...

Happy Chinese New Year of the Dragon to you all.

in the sea said...

A belated Happy New Year of the Dragon to you too and all others. 身體健康,龍馬精神!