Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cova, Lee Garden, Causeway Bay, HK

Whenever I visit this shop, I would recall the time I visited their original shop in Milan. Their aromatic coffee just couldn't let me just pass by. Even whenever I was in Harbour City, I would definitely get a take-away iced mocha before my long walk.
On the first day of 2012, I came here for a nice brunch. I was a bit too early and waited at their cafe (photo 1/2) for the table preparation. So I took a refreshing strawberry squash. Good that they didn't put any heavy syrup. Very strawberry!
The restaurant offered a very delicate antipasti with various cold cuts/salmon/mixed salad and fine olive and grilled veggie. The surprising is the beetroot cauliflower terrine (right top of photo 6). Never tried such a veggie terrine and it's so clean and refreshing sweet. The other surprise is their ravioli (bottom right of photo 7). It's freshly made with very nice flour aroma.
We took a pan fried Kurobuta pork chop coated with whole grain mustard in green apple sauce. So juicy inside and the green apple sauce lifted up the pork aroma. Perfect combination. The other main course is Milanese risotto with saffron and braised slow cooking beef cheek with a golden leaf. I chose this one from the menu as beef cheek isn't that easy to handle well. The chef really did a nice job on this dish, and he was so brave not to put any seasoning in it. Natural beef stock to braise the beef cheek. The nice aroma of saffron in the rice. Another inspiration for me. *one remark is that they put a right amount of sauce. The dessert is Mango Napoleon. I didn't like cream but it's freshly made and not sweet at all. The vanilla gelato is their home made speciality. No wonder this dessert is their marked signature. Highly recommended! At last, a perfect Italian coffee to round up the whole meal.

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Stella said...

Good food and good dessert here made my mouth watery.