Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Breakfast at the Emporia, cafe of Emporium Suites, BKK

1. Noticed no one would take this seat and on the 2nd day they still put the seating like this.
2. If you enlarge the photo, you would find some dirt and dust on it. Actually almost every corner is quite dusty.
3. Next to the boiled egg is some turkey bits. Actually I asked for a double portion. The food is so so, actually not fresh fruit and meat, even the eggs, almost expired. Then the next day I gave up the breakfast. Simply go down to Minibar on the food court floor of Emporium.
*If you will consider to stay here, please ask for a room only (if possible, forget the bathroom too and if you don't like a quiet room.). Don't waste your time.


Mickey Mouse said...

i think Bangkok Bank should only do banking business, hotel is not their strength for sure .. oops maybe not even they can run a bank, BBL now actually is half SG owned ..

Stella said...

Your camera is so "go ching" that you can show the dust.

You ordered double portion and yet the portion shown here is still so "humble".

It all depends how much they charge on this room. If only $50 US then still ok.

in the sea said...

SS, the room rate has been unchanged at THB3k something since it's opened many years ago. So that's why they keep the room standard and the facilities of the 80's. However, for those who want a convenient location and a bigger room, and as long as they don't want a quiet room with hot shower water, then this is the choice.

Stella said...

Wow $100 US for this room is expensive considering you have so many choices. At least all the hotels I stayed so far are more worth it.

Good view and spacious room cannot offset all the weaknesses, especially the room temperature shower which I hate.

in the sea said...

It's about US$120-150. Then book a room during off season. So you will get hot water due to lower occupancy rate. BTW, spare more time on getting out as the 3 elevators serve 500 rooms are really something. I waited 5-10 minutes for the elevator most of the time.

Stella said...

Har $120 to 150 US for this place?
I think last time you can stay at Peninsula with this price too.

Don't forget we stayed at MO for only $70 US more with nice/hot/ powerful shower, sea salt bath, good elevator with no waiting time, not noisy room with good sound proof, heated swimming pool, good and generous breakfast free, nice Lord Jims and Le Normandie, plus many other features. MO shall charge $400 if this one dare to charge $150US.
Good to know there is some rip off priced hotels in BKK too.

in the sea said...

SS, the cost for Lord Jim's and Le Normandie shouldn't be counted as inclusive in the room rate. We can always go there without staying at MO though. MO BKk seems to be your youngest son in the Chinese saying "youngest son pulls your heart out “拉”仔拉心肝.
BTW, Peninsula BKK is still the champion if compared to this one, and lots more to get in between.

Stella said...

You are right, MO is my youngest son and my only son so it is the best out of the best.

Peninsula is very very good compared to this one and even its long waiting line of buffet looked better than this one here.
Even if both are as bad at least Peninsula bears the brand name so still wins.