Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cannes, late January, 2012

This town has some new faces and changes. JW Marriott replaced Stephanie (ex-Hilton). Some old restaurants closed down and hip ones came in. Good to see my old friend shop (photo 4) which sells lots of nice herbs and preserve....etc. My friends and family, remember those herb I brought to you. It's from this shop. Further on, a friendly ad for Tuk Tuk service in Cannes is really refreshing to me in a rainy cold weather here. The last few photos show the power of X100. Those were taken at wide open F2 at ISO3,200.


Mickey Mouse said...

calm Southern France seaside little town, same charm remains ..

Stella said...

Photo 7,8,9 and 10 do not match all other photos which are very romantic.

in the sea said...

Thanks. Cannes is indeed very clam and tranquil. Hope I can visit here in a warmer season.
Stella, I just wanna show some other things I noticed in Cannes.