Wednesday, January 18, 2012

池記 Chee Kee Wonton noodle shop TST

This shop is another busy shop I would miss during meal time. By luck and in between meetings in TST, as I passed by Lock Road, I grabbed a few minutes for a quick wonton noodle soup. It's still so good as I tried years ago. Really missed it a lot. This one, Mak Um Kee (麥奀記) & Ho Hung Kee (何洪記) are my favourite ones for wonton noodle. Their soup base is still maintained with the original aromatic "big earth" fish and pork bone ingredients. Don't leave the soup behind. I always empty the bowl.


Stella said...

So the one in HK Airport is not part of your favorite wonton noodle place and yet already so good to me.

I know the owner's son(he is in LA). But not sure if his dad sold this place to new owner now or not.

in the sea said...

That one i's still very good, but these 3 are just in some classic flavour.

Stella said...

I was told that "Mak Un Kee" is very good too.