Sunday, January 08, 2012

Part 2, the 46th HK brands and products expo. 維園工展會

Some names we may forget but they are still in the market (photo 2-4).
Sampling eating is a very delightful thing here in this expo. You wouldn't feel hungry even after a few hours of checking around. There are so many things for you to sample, from soup, drinks to various snacks. Among those, the best sampling is "Tung Chun" black vinegar (photo 9). They put a diced hard boiled egg soaked in the black vinegar. So good and aromatic. I took a few of it. Some brands like "Lion head" oil (photo 10) has a package deal for free home delivery of 3-4 bottles of oil and 3-4 packs of "Golden Elephant" fragrant rice (about 20-30% cheaper than what you paid in Supermarket). Many booths offer a free trolley if you spend like HK$100-200, like the "Longevity Peach" 壽桃牌 offering a free trolley at the expenses of HK$80 (the right corner of the last 4th photo). At last, I like how Garden has their signature pattern bag. How can we forget this blue/white pattern :)


Stella said...

Thank you for the free fair.

We have Ma Pak Leung, Garden, Po Sum On, Lee Kam Kee here in LA. Glad to see them on this post.

The Piggy made me think of your relative's porky in BKK.

BTW, there is a medicine for joint pain with the shorty Tseng G Wai's picture as the logo. This medicine is very effective like Deep Heat and Ben Gay.

in the sea said...

I have no idea about that medicine. :)