Monday, January 16, 2012

滬江飯店 Wu Kong Shanghai restaurant TST HK

It's interesting to see a restaurant in the basement which can survive nearly 30 years and almost every night it is full house. It was about 10pm I came here for a late night dinner and it's still full house. Most of them are local HK people.
Ordered a drunken pig's knuckle, salty pork tofu casserole and a stir fried fish filet with 薺菜桂魚片. I cleaned up all the plates and even the seaweed peanuts (photo 2)! I even drank some of the wine from the drunken pig's knuckle. I seldom drink but this one is so good that I made an exception. *check the last photo. Interesting to see its fellow shops still there, e.g. Larry shop.


Stella said...

Cannot believe still full house at 10 pm.
The long grain rice looks so nice.
Today you did not eat much due to late dinner I guess.

in the sea said...

The tofu casserole is very big. My photo shows one bowl serving from it and it has more than 8 bowls. The fish filet is also quite in a big portion, same on the pig knuckle too.

Stella said...

Good to know some restaurants in HK serve big portion too.