Saturday, January 14, 2012

Have a nice weekend

Take care too. Ciao ciao!


Mickey Mouse said...

oh, this Sunday again, go to take picture in front of HK's D&G (Dislike & Get-out) .. but the d&g r not Italians, but those uncivilized Mainland uncles and cousins!

Stella said...

D&G is one of my favorites when it is on sale.
Oh talking about the Mainland relatives. I heard from radio this morning driving to work that Apple just decided not to sell their new IPhone at the Shanghai and Beijing Apple Stores due to our relatives' behavior there.

in the sea said...

I think many including the large media mixed up one thing. Dolce & Garbana (a more classic upscale line) is one brand and D&G is another brand (more casual and lower end) though they both belong to the umbrella group. That's why last week I went to the wrong shop and wondered where the crowd was. :)
Back to this issue, the shop's management really didn't know how to solve this problem. There are many celebrities who may not like being shot on cameras. So many high end boutiques would have a special arrangement, by simply using a partition or in this case, a wall of security guards.
No need to speak such discriminating words.
SS, from what I know, Apple's plan is on other restriction. I don't think it's because of someone's behaviour. If so, they just close their store and pack up. In this reality world, people see money but not see people.

in the sea said...

SS, I read the recent update on Apple site that the new iPhone 4S has landed China on Jan. 13.

Stella said...

Thank you SEA for the note.

Stella said...

I heard from TVB last night that this particular D&G in HK apologized for their recent banning people taking picture in front of the store. But they still mentioned they did it right but they still apologize due to different culture in HK.

Banning people to take picture inside the store is common in LA including Starbucks, Bristol Farms where I was stopped many times. But I still managed to take it. (Usually when they told me I cannot take pictures I am already done with the photo taking. Ha Ha Ha.)