Friday, March 30, 2012

2012 Spring review: 八方雲集 (Altogether), Quarry Bay, HK

This shop may not be the best in making dumpling but it's the best to me in terms of price and food freshness and cooking in Taiwanese style. I found out a set of pig's intestine soup, 5 dumplings and a soy bean drink at just HK$30. Need to update our overseas friends that right now the food price has been at around 20-30% increase due to the minimum wage implementation. So taking a lunch at a local restaurant cost about HK$40-50 (was HK$25-35). Besides, most waiters and waitresses are always having a black face. Why? Their bosses can't afford so many minimum wage staff and so need to ask 1 staff to work for 2 staffs' job.
So I really get amazed at this shop for keeping the $30 set and yet the quality and service aren't bad, and much beyond my expectation. The pig intestine's noodle soup is my favourite but almost none of my friends would take it. So it's good for me to have this set by myself. Another remark is on their food freshness and freshly made on order. Their beef noodle is also very nice with quite 1 big carrot cut and turnip and a big veggie, as well as 1 big tendon (very well cooked), big brisket and beef chunk. Note that the soup is very authentic Taiwanese in a "hot burnt red oil" soup. Though I don't like it too oily (I would take that out carefully), it's very aromatic in the soup. So it's just HK$39 for such a big bowl of renowned Taiwanese "hot burnt" beef noodle soup (and with some healthy veggie fiber). Highly recommended to get some low cost nice food during this tough time of super jump inflation.


Mickey Mouse said...

besides good food at good price, the name is so good!

Stella said...

So lunch cost is average at $6US in HK; very similar to those in LA.

Yes we heard(watch) about the minimum wage thing in Jade Channel. One person doing 2 persons' job is common here in LA too.

Your camera is really "go ching" as the beef noodle soup is like coming out to me.

BTW, there is one program in Jade Channel called "Midnight Hunt" hosted by Long Leg Crab and Lai Kwok Fai. They introduced all the good and cheap food. Most of them are in the small streets of Happy Valley, Wanchai, Causeway Bay as well as Watercress Street, Tung Choi Street, Yuen Chow Street
area. Very yummy.

in the sea said...

The beef noodle is pretty good.. not just look. :)