Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Tsimshatsui in windy fog

Seldom see such a windy foggy evening. See what's on the big LCD display of Canon?


Mickey Mouse said...

that's mean problem is ur closet!

pixmation said...

Something about Canon Single Reflex Camera 5 or 50 years. I know this March is the 25 years of EOS.

So I am guessing it's 25 years.

Stella said...

Wow even so foggy and windy HK is still so pretty.
You have heavy fog in HK while we have heavy smog in LA here.
You still can hold your camera so stable when these pictures were taken under the Typhoon like wind.

in the sea said...

Yes, it's the troublesome season.
Pixmation, bingo. It's 50 years of Canon's DSLR. Interesting to know EOS has been here for 25 years.
Stella, I put my camera at some water condensation risk too. :)