Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pao Xiang Bak Ku Teh 寶香綁線肉骨茶, L6 Pavillion, Kuala lumpur, Malaysia

The lousy spare rib soup I got from Sun Hong (Imbi) didn't discourage me from trying another one. This shop looks a bit expensive on the outside but it's not. Though the portion is a bit small, I prefer this one as the soup is more delicate and cooked in some better Chinese herb. The spare ribs is even much better, and the steamed rice too. It's also good to find one in a convenient location.


Mickey Mouse said...

actually i love to eat bak-ku-teh a lot, and Penang version is my favorite, while less impressed is SG one ..

Stella said...

Any bak-ku-teh is good to me.
I don't have too many choices in LA any way.
Even throw up I still will go to the same place as the Malaysian food is good there.

in the sea said...

Actually spare rib soups is good for health in some way.

Stella said...

Yes Sea you are right.
There are some spare rib soup that they put some herb in it too.