Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Some shops and hotels, Kuala Lumpur

1. Missing one word...
2. orange green red vs. orange green orange.
3. Fujisan (Mr. Fuji) vs. Fuji Mountain.
4. Enlarge it please, for those who are a fan for Mariage Ferres.
5. "sior"? Or it has other branches like Hotel Word Inc, Hotel Access Inn and Hotel Power Point Inn? If so, the flagship one should be named as Hotel Office Inn.
6. Check on the top logo. Familiar? Good that they didn't put a fan on the side.


Mickey Mouse said...

oh the mother of copy-cats, long b4 the CN mainlanders ..

Stella said...

Wow I don't know Malaysia can be so creative and smart too.

It is easy to mislead careless readers with these signs.


in the sea said...

It's just a corner of the world. So many out there.