Saturday, March 24, 2012

Friends on Hai Phong Road 海防道 Tsimshatsui, HK

Finally they are reaching out to the mansions on the other side. Silently they have been sheltering us from the hot sun overhead.


Mickey Mouse said...

nice to hv some green in the concrete jungle ..

Paranoid Android said...

Lovely trees, in stark contrast to all the concrete in Hong Kong.

Stella said...

I remember this road.
See to see the old things in HK.
I also remember there are many trees on Nathan Road; hope they are all big now like this one.

in the sea said...

These trees are always catching my eyes every time I walk along this road. So glad to see them growing so big and tall.
Nice to hear from you Android. So good that KL has lots more trees than in HK.
SS, the old trees are still there on Nathan Road, esp. those near Jordan area.

Stella said...

Thank you SEA.
Yes Nathan Road and Jordon Road, that is it.
Good to know that all the trees in my old days on Nathan/Jordan Road are still there.
So they are over 60 years old at least.
Long live the trees.