Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sheung Kee Restaurant, 嫦記, Happy Valley Hot Food stall, Hong Kong

There are some dishes and soup that I miss quite much, like the salted duck egg, pork and mustard veggie soup 芥菜咸蛋肉片湯. Sheung Kee made it just right to my appetite, right proportion of salty duck egg, pork and veggie. Next to it is the must-try sweet and sour spare ribs. Then we had salty fish chicken tofu casserole, preserved veggie steamed with kai lan 正菜蒸芥蘭, and the deep fried garlic chicken. Very dai pai dong - powerful high heat cooking or what we say in Cantonese high "wok" heat 鑊氣.


Mickey Mouse said...

wowo miss those dai-pai-dong style cooking ..

Stella said...

This is a high class Dai-Pai-Dong in Happy Valley though.

in the sea said...

It's really another atmosphere and flavour of this kind of local authentic cuisine.